Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sixty Seconds

Every thought, every movement, every action, every word spoken or heard, have made you who you are. Like the bricks of a mansion, each one seemingly insignificant in itself, works, with the whole, to make something truly amazing (or not so amazing). Who we are we have become one tiny piece at a time. For that reason and that reason alone, it is essential that each thought, word, action, movement, be something good. Every moment counts because every moment is the foundation for what comes next. All those details – the ones you can’t recall an the ones you can’t forget, have brought you to where you are right now and have worked to make you the person you are.

Even when no one is watching, the same holds true. Maybe ESPECIALLY when no one is watching. We become the people we choose to be by the almost insignificant, each moment of our lives.

We become, ultimately, what we are in the next 60 seconds – an the next 60 seconds and the next. Live well and your life will be rich.

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