Monday, February 7, 2011


Those who Listen get better.
No one likes to be criticized. Each of us do the best we can with what we’ve got. Or, at least we do the best we can that we are aware of.  Unfortunately, none of us have yet reached perfection and so can probably improve on at least a few of the things we do. …But please don’t tell me so… criticism stings and it makes me angry and hurts my feelings and, more than likely, I’ll d just the opposite of what you suggest just to prove I’m right.

How foolish is that? Anger and resentment and continuing on for spite is the worse possible response. In fact, doing those things actually gives more credibility to the criticism.

Listen. Listen appreciatively to your critics. Even if the criticism is overly negative, somewhere buried in it is the possibility of something positive. When we allow ego to prevent us from hearing the truth, we are destined to continue in “could do better” land. Listen and consider the critics words. If they really are cruel or unfair or inaccurate, they can be cast aside, but if they are true (even if painful) you will grow stronger. Listen….  

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