Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Excellent Day

What challenge will you meet today? Every day you ought to set one – it will change your life. Challenge yourself to take on something new, something that YOU choose, something that will make your life a bit better – a challenge to create something or learn something or improve yourself or solve a problem. Make it something that is, perhaps, just beyond your reach such that you have to stretch yourself in order to accomplish it. Make it something close enough to your heart to push you and inspire you.

Do something with this day that will make it different than yesterday so that, when you retire for the evening you can look back on it and feel a sense of accomplishment in doing something of value.

Start now. Decide what it will be and begin setting your mind to it, working at it bit by bit all day long. When you get there, take a moment and congratulate yourself for your goal setting ability and your will to make it happen. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction of knowing that this has been an excellent day.

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