Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Change or Not to Change

Someone once said, “For life to move forward, some things must change. For life to have meaning, some things must endure.”

Change is often a good thing. Life lived statically can never have growth, progress, new vistas or new knowledge. But change just for change sake is rather reckless. Change can so shift life that the very foundation values and hopes on which one’s life is built can be weakened. But new and valuable changes are made possible by the very fact that some things do not change. When we know and hold to our core principles, positive change is possible.

Never fear the new idea that comes your way. Never fear the new and different way others approach life. Never fear change. Rather, make the most of it. Grow, improve, move forward into new experiences and ways – while protecting and preserving the fundamental, enabling values upon which your life is built.

A vibrant and fulfilling life is filled with changes almost on a daily basis – undergirded with a foundation of solid values. The key to it all is to understand what can (must?) change and what must not.  …Be ever willing to change some things in and about your life while faithfully holding on to others. It is a powerful combination that will make your life whole.

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