Friday, February 4, 2011


There isn’t one of us who has not been disappointed about something in our lives. Disappointment is part of living. It could be disappointment with our children or spouse or friends. Disappointment in ourselves isn’t so terribly uncommon. We or someone or something has fallen short of our expectations and there we are – disappointed.

Our natural response to disappointment is to whine and complain and feel sorry for ourselves. But that really only makes things worse. A far better use of our energies is to work to make things better. Take a small step in the right direction and see how great it feels. Then take another and another. We are, to a very large degree, the deciders of our own destiny. Disappointment will come. That’s natural. We hope for the best but live in a fallen world. The key to overcoming disappointment is to expect it and take the initiative in changing the way things are or ought to be. When we take action, disappointment fades and good things come.

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