Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life is Good. Or is it?

I’ve never been a hand-wringer – a worrier. I’ve always tended to take things in stride. This has been much easier since I’ve lived a rather charmed life. I have my health. I have a great family with daughters and their partners who are truly good people.  I  have a job I thoroughly enjoy. I work with some wonderful, competent people. I have no enemies. I have all that a person could want or need. I’ve never had any crisis’ in my life…. Well….

There was that time I fell from a ladder and broke both ankles and was laid up for months. My father suffered and died – that was pretty hard. My wife is suffering from osteoporosis and we are always aware of the possibilities of bone breakage, which keeps us from doing some things we’d like to do. Bad investment advice lost most of my retirement savings so I’ll have to work for just about forever. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s and often doesn’t know who is married to whom.  … Could it be that the crisis’ I’ve encountered are about the same as you or anyone else?

I’ve never been a hand-wringer – a worrier. I’ve gotten through many of the hard things in life without whining or complaining.  I’ve done it by accentuating the positive whenever there is a positive. I’ve discovered that those positive things so outnumber the negative that I’ve actually believed that I’ve lived a charmed life.  My guess is that the same is true of you – there is an overwhelming positivity to your life that you simply need to allow to flood over you to such a degree that all the negative and the crisis’ seem, in the bigger picture, to be as nothing.

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