Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flash Point

Have you ever wondered about that part of your psyche that causes you to be calm and peaceful one moment and then something happens and instantly you are filled with anxiety or anger? It’s something all of us experience and it is often disconcerting. But the opposite can be true, as well, although for that to be, one almost has to be intentional about it.

When you experience a flash of anger or anxiety, realize that this should not be who you are.  Use your mind to calm yourself. Take a deep breath. Walk briefly away from the situation. Say a silent prayer for peace. Allow your rational mind and your vision of the person you know you want to be to re-take control. It will happen.

Then think about what caused the anxiety or anger and add that to your list of things that you will accommodate in your daily life - things that will no longer cause your emotions to flare.

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