Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You've heard the old saying that, "Opportunity only knocks once." It's not true, you know. It may be that a particular opportunity presents itself only one time and vanishes if we don't take advantage of it. But that is true only of THAT opportunity. Opportunities come every day. They come in the form of ideas and experiences and relationships and challenges. They come through our own design or purely by chance, but they come often and every day. It is the challenge of each new day to recognize new opportunities and act on them or consider them and allow them to pass - intentionally.

You will have an opportunity today to learn something new, to find a bit of joy, to laugh, to help someone, to give a word of encouragement, to "bond" with someone. As the day ends and you head off to bed this evening, think of the opportunities you had throughout the day. Smile at those you took on and lay aside, for another time, those you let pass. Tomorrow will bring a whole raft of new opportunities - and, more than likely, some of those left over from today will come knocking again.

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