Monday, December 5, 2011


Do you want to be wealthy? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be wise or beautiful or famous? Do you want to have a great marriage. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be known as honest and upright and moral? All are worthy goals. But all of them are HUGE. How can you possibly get there? The answer is simple - and it's the only way: one step at a time. Nothing worth accomplishing can be accomplished over night. It all takes time and, more importantly, each one is brought to reality in small increments.

It would be nice to win the lottery and become instantly wealthy or to be born beautiful or smart or into a famous family on whose coat tails we could enter the limelight. But that is not the hand you've been dealt. You've been dealt the hand of the dreamer - you can see big things in your life - hopes - wishes...

Go for your dream. But know that you can only get there one step at a time - small steps consistently in a positive direction. Keep going. Keep dreaming. Set a constant and steady pace - until you achieve your goals.

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