Friday, July 8, 2011

Marching On

You can't do a thing to stop it, to slow it down, to get in its way, to alter its unending and unrelenting march forward. TIME

Time passes at a steady, unstoppable pace and there isn't a thing any of us can do about it. Today will end at midnight and that is a pre-determined period from this moment.

What we CAN do with the steady march of time, however, is to make the best use of it. We can make something of lasting value out of the fleeting minutes and hours of this and every day.

Many of us tend to put forth the very minimum effort to get through each day. We can't wait until the 5:00 quitting whistle to blow so another day can be over. Yet all that does is take you into tomorrow where the same thing happens again - and we end up wishing away our lives.

Instead, we ought to be using this day - this hour - to grow, to learn, to act, to move, to build, to accomplish. Rather than merely hoping to make it through the day, let's work hard to make it count for something.

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McCrabby said...

Good advice; too many people wish their days away, and those days turn into weeks, months, years, lives....

Make it a good day; and be happy in the moment.