Monday, May 2, 2011

Steps to Success

Success  in life begins with a plan. But the best plan in the world will be pretty useless unless it is put into action. Furthermore, the action needs to be intentional and consistent. Many people will begin their plan with great enthusiasm and may even make great strides toward their goal but the bigger the goal the more time and energy it takes and they find their zeal flagging after a while. Success comes, most often, by those who are willing to put one foot after the other dozens or hundreds of times until they get where they want to be.

The steps along the way to one’s goals are sometimes quite mundane and boring and tiring. The prize goes to him/she who has the endurance and the courage and the determination to stick with it until the end.

Today – State your biggest goal in life. What steps are you taking to reach it? Do you have the will to get there one step at a time?

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