Monday, March 14, 2011

A Unique Opportunity

When bad things happen In our lives and it is clear that there will be no silver bullet to put us out of our misery, we have a unique opportunity. It is when life is at its worse that we are called upon to put forth our best. In moments of our most profound challenges – when we have no choice other than meeting the challenge – we do. When bad things happen, our greatest creativity kicks in, our dormant life-drive shifts to a lower and more powerful gear, our status quo lives reject what is and suddenly become reved up.

Even if there is nothing we can do about what life throws at us, the survival instinct activates and we refuse to let it get the best of us. That’s the human spirit. That’s how we are programmed.

Ultimately, in fact, things that happen to us MAY get the best of us. Not all stories turn out to have a happy ending. But watch and see. Whether they get the best of us or not, in the end, they almost always bring out the best in us.

Today – Thank God for whatever you are going through and for the stamina, the creativity, the will, the courage, and the fortitude that it brings to the surface.

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