Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anger and Creativity

Anger is, perhaps, the most debilitating of all human emotions. When we are angry we lose perspective on even the smallest of issues. We react to situations rather than responding. Anger brings out the worse in us and there isn’t anyone who thinks it acceptable. But there isn’t one among us who hasn’t experienced it in ourselves and in those we know and love.

Psychologist and author Paul Tournier’s wife is noted for saying that she has noticed that her most creative times – her most productive periods – her best work – happen just after a time of anger. Something happens that “purifies” the soul once anger recedes and new vistas open up.

Whether that is a universal truth or not is uncertain, but it is certainly something worth considering. Angry periods can be turned to something positive. Temper flares can be used to produce. Hostile feelings, once passed, can be some of the best.

If you should happen to get angry today – or tomorrow – or sooner or later – use that period after the dark cloud passes by to do something good – something creative – something healing and restorative.

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McCrabby said...

This angers me... ....But, that's good; I'll write something tomorrow -- hope it's really creative.