Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in a Dream?

What Dreams May Come
Throughout every day of your life you dream. In those quiet moments you envision what life would be like if… When you see someone with something or doing something that you would like to have or do, you imagine yourself in his or her shoes. When you are sitting at home watching TV, commercials come on and practically make what they think you should be dreaming about visual.

Our dreams define us. What we dream about is who we are at our very core. If we let those dreams pull us along in life – if we commit to making our dreams come true – if we are able to get them into crystal clear focus – our vision can become reality.

Our dreams embody our highest hopes. Through our dreams we see a world as we would like it to be – a world in which we can make a positive difference.

Dreams are not there to tease us and tempt us with what we cannot have. Rather they exist to reveal to us what is possible. Dreams exist to entice us to live a life of purpose and fulfillment and meaning – to give us hope and expectation and anticipation and motivation.

Dream today – and let your dreams begin to move toward reality is some small way that will, ultimately, change your life.

What’s in a Dream? You are.

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