Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sow Goodness

I grew up on a farm. Every farm boy knows one thing that is an absolute: what you sow – what you water and weed and tend to – is what will grow. Nothing more and nothing less.

What seeds, in your life are you sowing – which ones are you watering and tending? The very quality of our lives, and most certainly our future, is determined by what we sow and water. It pays to know what those little seeds are and to be aware of what you are doing to nurture them.

If you sow seeds of anger or cynicism or violence or envy or resentment (why would anyone do that – those are the weeds of life), you will end up with a pretty ugly field with not much of a crop at the end. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many people do. Weed those things out. Pull them up by the roots and don’t allow them to get a foothold.

Rather, plant peace. Plant patience and understanding and sympathy and kindness and gentility and encouragement and goodness. Nourish those in your life and your fields will be lush and beautiful and will produce some truly wonderful crops.

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