Thursday, January 6, 2011


The biggest obstacle to success in life is, simply, getting started. There is something about the uncertainty of the future, of the job you need to do, of the task on your “to do” list, that makes getting started the most difficult of all actions. But imagine what would happen if you stopped fighting with yourself and simply said, “Self, just do it!” You would get started and, as you already know from past experience, once started, the task or job or conversation isn’t nearly as bad as you might have thought. And the sense of accomplishment is significant.

We waste far too much time and energy in the anticipation of our actions. If we can overcome the inertia that keeps us sitting on our butts so much, it will be amazing what we can do.

So stop reading this blog right now and get started on that job you’ve been putting off. Today will prove to be a day of achievement!

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