Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Guarantees

Every day we walk out our front door with certain expectations. But, in reality, we have no idea what really will be. Good fortune or disaster may be awaiting us. Nevertheless, we step out that door, taking the gamble that good fortune has as much chance (or more) than disaster. We are risk takers. We risk failure in our work, we risk broken hearts in relationships. We risk health hazards with the foods we eat and the air we breathe. And we are not being foolish in taking those risks. They are a part of life.

But sometimes we experience fear in what we are doing or who we are. That fear comes because we believe the risk we are now taking is somehow different than what we face every day. It may, indeed, be somewhat different in size or quality, but risk taking in our lives is, and ought to be, normal.

So don’t fear what lies ahead – tomorrow or in the new year. You have long ago proven yourself to be a risk taker and, you may have noticed, your risk taking usually works for the best – no guarantees, just your own personal history.

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